Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Separating for Ministry

Some years back Rob and I were in New Zealand enrolled in a Radical Evangelism School and learning from two of our favorite and most admired leaders - David and Jodi Pierce. This couple had traveled the world together and did whatever it took to preach the Gospel in the most hopeless places. They had radical stories of how God had shown himself powerful and spared their lives all while preaching on His goodness! I still remember during one of the classes hearing Jodi speak on her experiences of ministry and starting their family. She told her powerful testimonies and led right into how when their two sons were born, they often had to sacrifice giving them the things other parents would give their children like living in their car for a time until God provided somewhere for them to live for example. I remember thinking about how bold and courageous that must have been for them. I understood making sacrifices for ministry even in those ripe early days of our ministry, even though we hadn't yet had children to focus on.

What lead her into the next topic took me by surprise. She told about how she was once in the back room of the church while her husband David was preaching and she was trying to keep her very young boys quiet. She explained how hard it was to expect toddlers to act like teenagers who should know better then to make noise in church. That's when she said it had "hit her". She further explained how they determined that it was time ...time for them to separate for the family and the ministry.

At that moment my heart sunk into my stomach. "Are you kidding me?" I thought, "Separate for ministry? Separate for the family?" Oh the judgmental thoughts that ran through my mind! "Impossible! If you had REAL faith you would just bring your family with you! You would find a way! I know I will N.E.V.E.R be willing to do THAT!"

Left to Right: Jodi and David Pierce and Rob and Millie Radosti

Rob and I spent years traveling together and ministering. We were madly in love and following our passion of preaching the Gospel - it was simply perfect! (By perfect I mean it was exactly what we would hope for in life...not that it was easy...) We went through 24 nations together before Titus had been conceived. It was pretty extravagant until all the negativity started rolling in. People sitting down to have meetings with us about how we would have to "slow down" and "kiss missions goodbye" now that we were embracing the childbearing season of our family. Although people meant well we were not willing to accept limits on our abilities to minister when we knew nothing was impossible, not with God.

The first two years of Titus' life were pretty adventurous. We sure did get full use out of his "free under 2" plane tickets! We knew we wanted to have a sibling for Titus, Lord willing and the embarking on this adventure might slow our family travel down a bit as Titus would not be free on planes anymore but instead full price and traveling as a family of 4 would have to be very focused.

As ministry opportunities came pouring in we saw the need was great from Alaska and abroad. For years now we worked hard together and we started to pray about this and saw that it might be time to "separate for the family and ministry". We never thought that time would come but we realized that we could get a lot more done in a lot shorter amount of time by doing this and that we could and definitely would be taking each ministry opportunity as it came to pray on it and decide what would be best, not only for our family and ministry but the body we would be affecting by this decision. Many ministries want the opportunity to be imparted to and poured into but simply cannot pay for 3 full price round trip plane tickets so we have come to accept sending Rob on behalf of all of us. This is not to say that we don't enjoy traveling as a family in ministry and we also will be looking for every opportunity that we can to all take a trip together for the sake of the Gospel when we can. I have personally come to realize that separating your family when it is in the best interest of all parties is not a sign of weakness in your faith and it doesn't mean your family will fall apart as a result. It just means you have the maturity to make a tough decision and follow through with it. It means really learning about sacrifice and the fruit of it. We appreciate those who have prayed for us during this time and the coming to of this decision and for those who realize that it is not easy for a two year old who is otherwise attached to his father at the hip to sacrifice time with him so that he can come to bless your region of the United States or part of the world.

Radosti Family

Are there any blessings in this decision?

"And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life." Matthew 19:29

The last few months we have run a few "trial trips" as Rob has gone and visited some places without me and the children. Sure, it was difficult on my end - mainly because I'm constantly spoiled by Rob's ever faithful help with the kids and around the house and companionship but I'm thankful that if for any reason we are apart I am the first one to hear the testimonies and amazing things God is doing as a result of our sacrifice. I am thankful to everyone who has already and is in the future going to receive Rob. I am thankful and confident that you will take good care of him while I leave him in your care! wink

Rob and Jared with the children of Chalkyitsik

In recent weeks we have held our first internship with a young man from Ohio, Jared Stone. It was incredible to be a part of hosting him here in Alaska and seeing the impact God had through them in our local region and then to send them to the village of Chalkyitsik! It was the first time Jared had ever been to a Native Alaskan village! To get a fair side of the story we will give you feedback strait from the source, Rob himself and his account of their travels and ministry while there:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Family, Big Faith

Diaper change, food time, diaper change, diaper change, food time, nap time, repeat, repeat, repeat. This is been the tune of our lives these days as we continue forth serving in the ministry and raising up our fresh little family! There's a lot of noise in our lives - a whole lot of noise: cheers, cries, laughter, screams yet a whole lot of peace through it all. We often hear "Awe" and "So cute" from random passerby's as we are walking along in any given day or place and they are reminiscing on their own experiences of child rearing. I can honestly say that when we are not doing ministry outside our home, we are living in a whirlwind of excitement, fun, business, exhaustion and thankfulness all at the same time!

God has changed it up for us quite a bit the last couple months. If having a baby isn't enough of a change and adjustment, throw in a move across the state and tons more opportunities to minister the gospel amongst all different kinds of people groups! I often feel that if we did not have all that we have, and were not as busy as we are - we would be simply bored and unfulfilled. 

There we are, our new little four member family in the basement of our friends home and all of our things in one huge mountainous pile. "Okay Lord, now what?" How many times have we prayed THAT prayer? In our minds it was easy to think: "Square one again Lord?" We would have loved nothing more than to be able to move our family into a home of our own and we looked and looked. We found even the smallest apartments on the most horrible side of town to be farfetched for our budget. I was looking on Craigslist for anything from three bedroom homes all the way down to studio apartments and even considered renting a bedroom in someone's home and squeezing our family in. (Yes, people actually rent out bedrooms in their homes in Alaska.) 

We knew our assignment was not completed here in Alaska and to be quite honest, even aside from that, we have always loved Alaska and would just prefer to live here anyway! In order to know a little bit more of where we come from, Rob and I were the kind of people that have lived without a "place of our own" for almost all of our marriage and ministry before children simply because we were so focused on the ministry that we never wanted to be bogged down with a place to live if it was in any way going to distract us from the call. This enabled us to travel more, and spend all of our time and finances in the ministry. Sure it wasn't easy. Often times we slept on floors and had our keepsakes in boxes in random peoples basements for storage. (Come to think of it, my wedding dress is STILL at our pastor's house in Pennsylvania!) But Rob and I knew that if we were trusting the Lord we had nothing to worry about. In that sense nothing has changed. We still trust the Lord for everything we have however, when we started having children our desires changed. We figured out that ministry with children can be done with or without a home - but it most certainly is easier with one. As a mother I have decided to trust the Lord that some day we will have a home that we own so that we have something our children will always feel welcome to come to and call home themselves, no matter their age or stage in life. Of course a home can consist of many things. We were mainly going to try and find an affordable one bedroom where we would give the bedroom to our children and Rob and I would use the living room as our bedroom and this was more than I could even hope for as we had a couple hundred dollars left to our  name - with no guarantees of where more would come from. In Alaska, a couple hundred dollars doesn't even get you many days of food - maybe a few and if you want the "healthy stuff" - make it a couple less days of food. 

The good news is that the God we serve not only provides what we need - but sometimes He even gives us what we want. We had many amazing friends keeping an eye out for any available place for us to stay and sure enough within just a couple days Rob gets a phone call from a man who had an extra house he wasn't using. He asked us if we wouldn't mind staying there for a while paying a much lower rent! What incredible news! It even had 2 bedrooms! What amazing blessings the Lord has given us! Just a couple days later we got the privilege of meeting the owner of the house who so generously let us move in the very next day! We are praising Jesus that we get to live in this beautiful home in such a beautiful little quiet development for the next 6 months to a year. God hears the cries of a mothers heart and I can testify to that! After this half a year I have no idea where we will go or what we will do but I don't need to because I know our God is incredible, and will always provide SOMETHING for us. He has always been faithful.

And so after getting settled into the beautiful little home we started hanging out in Anchorage where people have been meeting in homes to fellowship and experience such amazing testimonies together of healing, the prophetic, and understanding of Jesus and what he really did when He died on the cross for us! We have gotten so many testimonies and more and more people have become interested in what God has been doing there! We have been so thankful to be able to meet so often with our family in Christ there in Anchorage as God has been moving powerfully. New doors have been opening up, not just for fellowship but also to minister to the poor and broken hearted. Next week we will be heading over to love on people in a treatment center where there will be many who are searching for what Jesus has already freely given them - we are praying they will encounter Him! Also we will be heading over to the village of Talkeetna (yes, it is a village - ask them haha) to see the amazing things God is going to crack open in that region! These are just a couple of the MANY doors that are opening! We are so excited and awakening is hitting these regions and furthermore bringing UNITY in the church! We are all in a place of ministering out of love and compassion which is what fueled the ministry of Jesus which is now happening through us today. We generally want to see the whole state of Alaska "get it" and realize the amazingly wonderful news of the Gospel! I cannot tell you all how thankful we are for all of your prayers and support! We are all on this mission together! We pray an abundance of favor, blessing, awakening, finance and provision for you and your family!!!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Official Birth Story - Asher Uriah Radosti

Shortly after writing my last post, in fact, it was that very night that I started to feel the contractions coming on! Rob had planned to take me on a date night while we could still go and even though the contractions were a bit different than they had been throughout the pregnancy (very draining...and somewhat regular), we decided to head out on a date to Taco Bell. Our good friends Josh and Jenna volunteered to watch Titus for us. We were like two young lovers, out without any children on a date and we had the time of our lives sharing a quesadilla and we stayed up all night talking like we used to years ago. Of all the nights to pick to have such a time, we had no idea what we would be in for the next day. 

Walking & talking in early labor
Rob and I laid down around 6:00 AM to get some rest before Titus would routinely wake near 10. When my head hit the pillow, before I dozed off, I decided to time the contractions...and sure enough they were about 6 to 8 minutes apart. Rob and I looked at each other, exhausted as we were, and I said "I think this is it hunny!" I hadn't thought about the dangers of staying up all night ahead of time... my due date was still a week away. 

Tub labor. Our love got me through.
We rolled out of bed and decided to keep more consistent track of the contractions and sure enough...they were coming at same minute intervals. I felt like something was different in my body. I knew that the contractions didn't feel like practice ones. They were draining my energy and I had this "feeling" that I was in labor. In just a few hours we decided it was time to call my doula. In no time she was over my house with coffee for my husband and snacks for the family. When she arrived, she knew I was in labor too so altogether we decided we should call the midwives right away. Originally with this labor I had decided from the beginning I was going to do as much labor on my own that I could before calling the midwives in for the "active labor" part. Unfortunately during the pregnancy, I tested positive for "Group B Strep" which is very controllable with antibiotics during the labor. It was a tough decision to make to have to get an IV with antibiotics during the labor, but being that infection from Group B Strep has killed infants in the past, I just wasn't willing to take any chances no matter how "natural" I am. If a needle in my arm could prevent my baby from possible harm, I'd administer it myself if I had to. 

After about an hour the midwife showed up and ran the antibiotics right away. She did so every 4 hours until I birthed. For many hours I walked around, drank water and talked with my friends who were over our house. I had wondered in my head if it was going to be as hard as the first time around but I knew my job this time. I had done my research and I was ready to face whatever labor was going to throw at me! When the contractions got more intense I called Rob in to be with me. I could feel it getting more and more intense until transition and trust me, by that time - everyone knew I was in labor. ;) 

Titus' first time meeting Asher
Even though the contractions at some points felt like I could not take them any longer... my body took it in strides and gave me a lot of rest time in between them, unlike my first labor. When I knew transition was close, we filled up the bathtub as I was certain I wanted a water birth however while laboring in the tub I felt so uncomfortable that my body would not let me stay in it. As soon as I left the tub, my water broke on Rob's foot as he was helping me back to the bedroom. (Most of you know this from facebook!) The rest of the labor took place in our bedroom, and there our beautiful son Asher Uriah was born. It was very tiring but at the same time so empowering and such a thrill to bring him into the world. I could tell that I definitely had those love hormones running through me from the moment I saw him! I just wanted to hold and cuddle him and I never wanted that moment to end. 

On July 11, 2012 at 9:08 PM our little Asher Uriah was born a healthy 8 lbs 2 oz and 19.5 in. 

Thank you to all who were praying for us during this pregnancy and labor. It was an absolutely incredible experience! Adjusting to life as a family of 4 has been so much fun and a lot of work! We are so thankful to have your prayers and support!

Full Album of Asher's birth: CLICK HERE

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Birth Story and a Half... Moments before the birth.

It seems like we are in the waiting game at this point... finishing up week 39 of pregnancy and moving on to week 40! When one is going to have a baby, they are faced with so many decisions! What kind of pregnancy diet will you choose? Will you find out if it's a boy or girl ahead of time? Will you go with a midwife or a doctor? Will you give birth in a hospital, birth center or at home? Will you get pain medications in labor or go completely natural? The options for how you want to bring your little life into the world are innumerable.

With Titus, my first son, I had no idea what to expect with pregnancy/labor and postpartum. The person who greatly influenced my pregnancy with him was my mother in law Margaret. She is pretty much a guru when it comes to health, organics, herbs and natural living. She, herself had a completely natural birth 3 times to 3 healthy baby boys with a midwife. On my husbands side of the family it was pretty much second nature to go along with these life processes as naturally as possible and through them my world was opened up to options that I didn't know possible in pregnancy and labor. Our insurance covered our midwife and home birth with Titus all except the supplies.

The birth of Titus was an amazing, beautiful experience! I would, however, like to be transparent concerning it, as some of you reading this may have found yourselves in this situation. I was believing for a pain free child birth. I was believing so much for it that I felt if I looked into any "pain reduction methods" for labor that  I would be taking a step backwards faith-wise. I read all the books on pin-free childbirth and memorized the scriptures for it. The moment the pain came during my labor, I began to have a complete crisis of belief.

"Why? Why is there pain?" is what I thought. The shocking part wasn't even that pain came, it was that pain stayed and continually got worse until I was in agony. This hurt my heart so much as I really felt like somehow, something I did or didn't do hindered my faith for pain free child birth.

Titus came into the world so beautifully in the water and was caught by his daddy Rob. He imprinted our hearts and minds with one of the greatest memories we would ever have!

When Titus was turning about a year old, Rob and I started talking about another baby since it was one of our greatest desires to have two children close in age so that they could have each other. We prayed...and after some other things we got the positive pregnancy test!

We were so excited as we started planning. I immediately knew I wanted to have a midwife again so I called and made the appointment at the midwifery center in town.

Halfway through the pregnancy we found out that we would be moving 7 hours north of where we were currently living in Alaska. This would change the whole birth plan depending on what was offered in Fairbanks, where we were moving to. When we arrived, we made an appointment at the first midwifery center we could find. Upon meeting the midwife, we found out that there were different types of midwives that serviced the area. The one we were currently seeing was a hospital midwife. This would mean that we would be going to the hospital to birth our baby. It wasn't long before we were told that birthing in the hospital would mean not having a water birth because it is against their protocol. It would also mean there was a possible limit on who I could have in the room, etc. I was pretty desperate to receive care since we were traveling so much and had so little time to make our decisions so I decided to go with it and set up a tour at the hospital to get a mental picture of what this birth might be like.

Rob and I walked up to the hospital with baby Titus, and took the elevator to the "Labor and Delivery". When we arrived, the front desk told us that the lady we made an appointment with to have a tour of the facility was not there. Then, they told us that we missed it, got the date wrong and that our tour was supposed to be the day before. After this we were led to a waiting room until they could get someone to give us the tour.

Time ticked away for about a half hour and Titus was hungry and started getting really fidgety, so we decided we would go back to the front desk to see what was going on. When Rob approached the front desk they told us that they had forgotten, were really understaffed and couldn't help us.

Thoughts raced through my head. "What if this happens when I'm in labor? What if they are understaffed or the rooms are too full or they just forget about us?" I was very unhappy with how we were treated and started searching other options.

We remembered that there was another birth center in the area that was run by midwives and would allow me to do a birth center birth or a home birth - also if I was a low risk pregnancy, a water birth! Rob made the call and set up a tour there.

The day we showed up to the birth center, the midwives were very attentive to our arrival and gave us a tour of the beautiful little birth center. It was nice to feel cared about and get my questions answered so without a second thought we knew that we were going to opt for a birth center birth.

The pregnancy went on and it seemed like I would get some of the same pains that I would get during my pregnancy with Titus but the midwives without fail would suggest something herbal or supplemental that really worked for me!

Because of how extreme my labor was with Titus, I had decided that this time around investing into getting a doula for my labor was of highest importance. We looked into our options and interviewed a doula whose personality and faiths matched perfectly, not to mention she had extremely reasonable pricing rates! I was excited to know I'd have even more support and guidance for this labor!

Sometime last week I was working my way through my 39th week and getting many Braxton Hicks waves (or contractions as they are more commonly known as) and something clicked inside of me.
"I know my home is small, but all I feel comfortable with when thinking about labor is home. I don't want to travel a half hour away to get to the birth center. While there, it will be harder not having food, toys or any way to let Titus nap or sleep (if the labor was at night)" I thought.

No matter how many times we packed and repacked for the birth center, I couldn't get out of my mind how nice it was when I was in labor with Titus that if I wanted to wear a certain shirt, I could just go get it. If I wanted food, I could just go to my kitchen. Maybe I wouldn't have a big tub for this water birth like I had with Titus', but I have a bathtub and that would be good enough!

I contacted my doula and midwife right away and found that it was possible to change  my mind even at this far along - and we pretty much set it in concrete that all going well, we would be having baby Asher at our home!

So amidst all the mind changes, I am more thrilled about my labor now then I have been about it yet and most of it is my decision to have another home/water birth! Right now, we're waiting for baby Asher, and just today finished the set up for his room! He and Titus will share a room even though they probably won't sleep in the same room for quite a while. For a sneak peak into their mini man cave, see pics below!

No one will have to be concerned about knowing when Asher will be arriving - as we are very open on our facebooks and twitters so if you have befriended, subscribed or followed us, you will be well informed digitally if you are faithful to check your updates! Until then, thank you everyone for your prayers, support and gifts to the ministry and the birth of baby Asher!

To those who have given, your "Thank you cards" will be sent soon! ;)
I haven't forgotten about you!

A special thank you to: Doula Vernita Salinas of http://mamabeardoulacare.net, and https://www.facebook.com/MamabearDoulaCare of Fairbanks, AK.

and to:

We are looking forward to this amazing experience bringing our baby boy into the world peacefully!

To see our original post of Baby Titus' birth, click here:

Sneak peak of mini-man cave:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Expanding our borders: Villages, Cities and New Babies!

We have been having so much fun these last few weeks traveling that I have decided that it would be too much to put into words so I carefully documented our time in the village of Selawik through video clips and Rob and I put together this video to take you on the journey with us first hand! So for your personal enjoyment, we present to you "Selawik: A candid journey".

Us with all the children of Selawik Village
Shortly after our trip to Selawik we had our suitcases repacked for our trip to Anchorage and Wasilla. We hadn't been back to these cities for ministry since God had called us to Fairbanks 3 months ago. We had an amazing time at the first event Kingdom Dwellers hosted in Anchorage as the last stop on the Addicted to the Gospel Tour 2012 and then were off to Wasilla the next day where we ministered at a house meeting which was incredible. (Special thank you to Scott and Jenn Kendrick, James Bower and Jennifer Christensen, Ruben and Bonnie Reyes, and John and Shiree Seeds for all your work and sacrifice to make these events happen!) If you would like to see a clip from it, you can view it here: http://youtu.be/v-gwa5XuAM0. I was surprised when we got to our good friends house that Rob and everyone had been planning a surprise baby shower for baby Asher! We had so much fun together and we received so many gifts that we now have all the basic necessities for baby Asher as we wait for his arrival!

As far as my part in this, now that we are home I am taking care of Titus and waiting these last few weeks for Asher to come. Rob will be working with the Village Voice radio station and ministering here in Fairbanks until our next bundle of joy arrives. Traveling has come to a halt but we love being here in the Golden Heart City to fellowship and bless our beloved Native community! Thank you for all of your loving support, we couldn't do this without you all.

Rob speaking at our "Addicted to the Gospel Anchorage" Gathering!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012!

The Radosti Clan is very happy to honor Rob Radosti, Husband and Father in the Radosti family on this Father's Day 2012! In honor of him, we've made this video, "What it means to be a Father". I hope you can enjoy as we celebrate this Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day love the Radosti Family!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Addicted to the Gospel: Growth in Acceleration

It seems like just yesterday we were boarding the plane headed to the lower 48 for our last tour and here we were boarding the plane again. This time leaving from Fairbanks it would take us a full 24 hours including air travel time, stop overs and the hours driving from Atlanta, Georgia to arrive in South Carolina where we would be staying for a couple of events. It was a very quick tour with a lot to do in a short time being that I was already 31 weeks pregnant upon arrival, we knew we could not stay for long. It doesn't take a long tour or a whole lot of time for God to move in a region. He is always moving - and when we come we just love to stir people up with remembrance of what He is already doing! It's amazing to see how free people can get when they are renewed by preaching on how free they are. Oh the testimonies that flooded our inboxes and conversations after the meetings! So much freedom broke out as we celebrated together with the people what Jesus has done!

We moved quickly from meeting to meeting, state to state and for me personally on tours when I'm pregnant the days can fly by in a blur. Our stops on this tour were as follows: High Point, NC; Charlotte, NC; Haverhill, MA; Tolland, CT; Seattle, WA; Mt. Vernon, WA and Anchorage AK to come! Before I knew it, it was Mother's Day and I was very surprised when I asked Rob where we were driving to next and he says "Somewhere special". Before I knew it, we were pulling into the parking lot of a hotel that looked more like a castle with limousines parked in front! Rob checked us in and lead me to a huge room with one of the most comfortable king size beds and a jacuzzi! I teared up! I was so thankful that I got to spend Mother's day in such a special way with my family! We visited a Hard Rock Cafe (one of our favorites) and enjoyed the night together. It was amazing and it's just so nice to have these mini-honeymoons to refresh us!

One thing I have come to realize about being an Alaskan is that I'm not sure if I will ever be comfortable with the temperatures in the lower 48 states again. From the outside weather to the thermostats in peoples homes not to mention being at the end of a pregnancy Rob, Titus and I found ourselves constantly sweating. What a relief when we get into a hotel room of our own! One of the first things we do is set the temperature in the 60's. However, when we are stuck in 91 degree weather and the people we are staying with realize that their air conditioner is broken - the way we can make the best of a situation like that is by taking Titus out for his first visit to the Ice Cream truck! How fun it is when you see your son enjoying the things that excited you as a child!

We have a very fun filled, adventure packed few weeks ministering and loving on people and we are so excited that we would not be ending the tour with a trip back to Alaska alone. This time we would be returning with some good friends of ours who felt the call to move to Alaska with us and together impact the region! Josh and Jenna Wallace are a powerful young couple who have been traveling in ministry in the lower 48 states and assisting us when we would come seasonally. We immediately took a liking to them as we could see how they are as crazy and radical in the Lord as we are! It only took the Lord to tell them to "go" and they started to sell all of their things and bought tickets! So much favor came as people generously sowed into the vision and within a few days of them being in Alaska God provided a car for them! It's amazing to see this stuff right before your eyes. I've met people all over the world that dream of things like this happening - but once in a while we meet people that are crazy enough to believe Him when He (Jesus) speaks! We are thrilled to what the Lord is going to do in the coming months!

Life on the home front: We now only have a couple of days between the time when our flight landed returning from the lower 48 until the next flight boards to leave for our next Alaskan Village, Selawik! We are thrilled to be with the beloved Native people again! Whenever we leave them, we feel like we are leaving our blood family! (And I suppose since our adoption into the Athabascans, we are!) So I have a few days to get the family back into the Alaskan time zone (learn how to sleep in non-stop sunlight, nearly 24 hours of it), unpack and clean up our things from the tour and repack to get to the next village, and of course whatever office work and errands the ministry and family may need! We even were able to squeeze in making an appointment with my midwife! So life is a little hurriedly at the moment but this will probably be our last plane flight trip we will take before our little Asher Uriah makes his entrance into the world! Thank you to all who have generously sowed and prayed for us as we could not do this with out you! We continue to ask for your prayers and support as we dedicate our lives to the going in the Gospel! We love you all!

For your enjoyment! Candid life on the road with the Radostis!