Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Separating for Ministry

Some years back Rob and I were in New Zealand enrolled in a Radical Evangelism School and learning from two of our favorite and most admired leaders - David and Jodi Pierce. This couple had traveled the world together and did whatever it took to preach the Gospel in the most hopeless places. They had radical stories of how God had shown himself powerful and spared their lives all while preaching on His goodness! I still remember during one of the classes hearing Jodi speak on her experiences of ministry and starting their family. She told her powerful testimonies and led right into how when their two sons were born, they often had to sacrifice giving them the things other parents would give their children like living in their car for a time until God provided somewhere for them to live for example. I remember thinking about how bold and courageous that must have been for them. I understood making sacrifices for ministry even in those ripe early days of our ministry, even though we hadn't yet had children to focus on.

What lead her into the next topic took me by surprise. She told about how she was once in the back room of the church while her husband David was preaching and she was trying to keep her very young boys quiet. She explained how hard it was to expect toddlers to act like teenagers who should know better then to make noise in church. That's when she said it had "hit her". She further explained how they determined that it was time ...time for them to separate for the family and the ministry.

At that moment my heart sunk into my stomach. "Are you kidding me?" I thought, "Separate for ministry? Separate for the family?" Oh the judgmental thoughts that ran through my mind! "Impossible! If you had REAL faith you would just bring your family with you! You would find a way! I know I will N.E.V.E.R be willing to do THAT!"

Left to Right: Jodi and David Pierce and Rob and Millie Radosti

Rob and I spent years traveling together and ministering. We were madly in love and following our passion of preaching the Gospel - it was simply perfect! (By perfect I mean it was exactly what we would hope for in life...not that it was easy...) We went through 24 nations together before Titus had been conceived. It was pretty extravagant until all the negativity started rolling in. People sitting down to have meetings with us about how we would have to "slow down" and "kiss missions goodbye" now that we were embracing the childbearing season of our family. Although people meant well we were not willing to accept limits on our abilities to minister when we knew nothing was impossible, not with God.

The first two years of Titus' life were pretty adventurous. We sure did get full use out of his "free under 2" plane tickets! We knew we wanted to have a sibling for Titus, Lord willing and the embarking on this adventure might slow our family travel down a bit as Titus would not be free on planes anymore but instead full price and traveling as a family of 4 would have to be very focused.

As ministry opportunities came pouring in we saw the need was great from Alaska and abroad. For years now we worked hard together and we started to pray about this and saw that it might be time to "separate for the family and ministry". We never thought that time would come but we realized that we could get a lot more done in a lot shorter amount of time by doing this and that we could and definitely would be taking each ministry opportunity as it came to pray on it and decide what would be best, not only for our family and ministry but the body we would be affecting by this decision. Many ministries want the opportunity to be imparted to and poured into but simply cannot pay for 3 full price round trip plane tickets so we have come to accept sending Rob on behalf of all of us. This is not to say that we don't enjoy traveling as a family in ministry and we also will be looking for every opportunity that we can to all take a trip together for the sake of the Gospel when we can. I have personally come to realize that separating your family when it is in the best interest of all parties is not a sign of weakness in your faith and it doesn't mean your family will fall apart as a result. It just means you have the maturity to make a tough decision and follow through with it. It means really learning about sacrifice and the fruit of it. We appreciate those who have prayed for us during this time and the coming to of this decision and for those who realize that it is not easy for a two year old who is otherwise attached to his father at the hip to sacrifice time with him so that he can come to bless your region of the United States or part of the world.

Radosti Family

Are there any blessings in this decision?

"And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life." Matthew 19:29

The last few months we have run a few "trial trips" as Rob has gone and visited some places without me and the children. Sure, it was difficult on my end - mainly because I'm constantly spoiled by Rob's ever faithful help with the kids and around the house and companionship but I'm thankful that if for any reason we are apart I am the first one to hear the testimonies and amazing things God is doing as a result of our sacrifice. I am thankful to everyone who has already and is in the future going to receive Rob. I am thankful and confident that you will take good care of him while I leave him in your care! wink

Rob and Jared with the children of Chalkyitsik

In recent weeks we have held our first internship with a young man from Ohio, Jared Stone. It was incredible to be a part of hosting him here in Alaska and seeing the impact God had through them in our local region and then to send them to the village of Chalkyitsik! It was the first time Jared had ever been to a Native Alaskan village! To get a fair side of the story we will give you feedback strait from the source, Rob himself and his account of their travels and ministry while there:


  1. I just love you guys. You don't know what you all started 2 years ago when I first saw you in Atlanta IL. I have been through hell and back since then, but it has all just brought me to where I am today and learning to be set free and stay set free from the demons that have tormented me for many years.
    I pray that God will continue to pour out His blessings on your family!

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